Meet our Social Workers, Counselors, and Professional Staff


Shadan Nabili,


Masters in Clinical Counseling 
SOARR Clinical Supervisor

About Shadan

Shadan is a licensed clinical professional counselor and a national certified counselor. Shadan focuses on creating a safe, nonjudgmental environment for clients to promote hope, empathy and support. Shadan provides individual therapy services to clients and provides clinical supervision to the SOARR staff.

Sarah Rhodes

Mental Health Professional
SOARR Mental Health Office Manager

About Sarah

A certified billing and coding specialist with over five years in the Healthcare Industry, Sarah recently rejoined NorthPointe to oversee, direct, and coordinate the departments services, which includes; billing, planning and staffing as well as managing the fiscal health of the department.

Rebecca DeGraw

Licensed Professional Counselor, IL
Art Therapist

About Rebecca

Rebecca provides counseling and therapy through expressive arts. Rebecca works with members to create a comfortable space for them to explore their experiences holistically. Members are encouraged to express their inner feelings, thoughts, memories, and beliefs through art in a safe, secure environment.

Katie Kuschel

Licensed Professional Counselor, IL
Art Therapist

About Katie

Katie is an art therapist, licensed professional counselor and certified addictions counselor.
Katie’s goal is to provide a safe space to express thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and experiences
through art. She encourages honoring one’s authentic self and recognizing one’s strengths
and true potential.

Crystal Miller

Masters in Counseling Psychology
SOARR Case Manager & Therapist

About Crystal

Crystal has a great passion for working with clients and assisting them to achieve their goals. Crystal uses a individualized approach to help clients gain a sense of control and management and to advocate for themselves.

Michelle Meyers 

Mental Health Professional
SOARR Case Manager

About Michelle

Michelle helps members to reach their highest potential by utilizing art as a tool for enhancing coping skill. She encourages members to engage in volunteering as a vehicle for self-esteem and does volunteer work with Meals
on Wheels. Michelle’s background includes ten years of experience teaching Special Education.

Lucinda Moss

Community Liaison & Transition Coordinator

About Lucinda

“Cissy” began her career at NorthPointe 27 years ago as a ILC/DSP. Realizing her passion was “Mental Health” she tranfered to the SOARR department. Today, Cissy helps people every step of the way as they transition from a skilled nursing facility/etc. to residence in the community.

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