Our Community Partners


Care. Recovery. Quality Life. 

Since 1998, NorthPointe Resources has remained at the forefront of individualized services by providing the best
mental health treatment in supportive environments for SOARR Members. 

SOARR’s Beginning

NorthPointe Resources began providing mental health services in 1998 as a result of a grant that offered vocational training to individuals residing in nursing homes struggling with mental health issues.

In 2006, the services grew and comprehensive treatment programs were added as the face of mental health support expanded in the state of Illinois. At this time, NorthPointe began to offer mental health services in the form of individual and group community support as well as individual and group therapy and counseling.

Our focus became: Support, Outreach, Achievement, Recovery, and Resilience which translated to the core of our program and we became SOARR. 

What is SOARR?

SOARR Behavioral Health Program offers services in someone’s own community, in their home, and around the resources they could access. SOARR empowers people with mental health issues to develop a network of support that surrounds them – to actualize and maintain recovery in a place of their choosing. 

SOARR’s Continual Growth

Over the past two decades NorthPointe’s SOARR Behavioral Health Program has continued to expand its services and outreach.

In 2015 The Williams Consent Decree provided the groundwork for NorthPointe to expand its program by collaborating with the New Foundations Center to transition people with mental illness from institutions or nursing homes into community-based settings. This is known as the Moving On program.

Furthermore, in 2017 NorthPointe expanded its programs once again to include services for Youth and Young Adults.