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David’s Success Story


David’s new full-time employment aligns with his education, training, and interests.

David wanted to find and keep work that aligned with his training Certificate and Associate’s degree from a local community college. David’s job search included a combination of coaching, job applications, interviews, employer visits, and informational interviews.


David found the job he was looking for and after 7 months David reports that he loves his job and his co-workers; His co-workers and supervisors are incredibly supportive and above all, David loves the fact that he is doing the work that he went to school for and that he is trained to do. “I’m focused on productivity and doing good work,” he reported. “The job helps me to interact with all different type of people.” David shared that he is constantly looking to get to the next level.

Future goals for David include paying off his student loans, getting a better car, and as some point getting his place and living on his own. David reports that he would like to give back to the community by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.


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