Behavioral Health Services

For mental illnesses and disorders brought on by depression, anxiety, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive, panic,
postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress, schizophrenia, sexual abuse, and suicidal behaviors.



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NorthPointe developed the SOARR program with the belief that individual paths to recovery differ, and supportive services for mental and behavioral health disorders should be tailored to fit each individual’s needs and be offered in their local neighborhoods and communities.

We can give you the support you need to help live a meaningful life in the community —a life that includes a real home, a real job, and real relationships. All of our people begin each day with an individualized plan for a brighter future—a plan that focuses on each individual’s hopes and dreams while addressing their specific needs.

Crisis Hotlines

In the event of an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Crisis Care Program, Lake County Health Department
Phone: 847-377-8088
Hours: 24/7

Suicide -Prevention Hotline
Phone: 1-800-273-Talk (8255)
Hours: 24/7

Suicide Prevention Text Line
Text Line: Text “Start” to 741-741
Hours: 24/7

Mental and Substance Use Disorder Hotline (SAMHSA)
1-800-662-HELP (4357)
Hours: 24/7

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Hours: 24/7

National Sexual Assault Hotline
Hours: 24/7


We focus on recovery. That means strengthening your ability to manage symptoms and stress. You have the power to choose how you will respond when life gets overwhelming. SOARR can help you learn better ways to cope in times of stress so you can get back to living your life. We aim to put the power back in your hands so you can make choices that will make you happy, healthy, and fulfilled.


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Would you like to learn more about our Mental Health Services?

P: (847) 731-5753
Fax: (847) 872-0037

Doing it Together

We emphasize personal choice and personal responsibility. Your recovery and your life belong
to you. SOARR staff work side-by-side with you to design treatment goals to help you achieve wellness.

SOARR offers

• Opportunity for social engagement
• Customized person-centered services • Friendly, well-trained professionals
• Accessibility via public transportation
(both PACE and Metra)
• Availability of referral sources for
additional services

The Choices Are Yours

Our growing number of services includes:
• Individual and Group Therapy Counseling
• Expressive Art Therapy
• Relapse Prevention
• Psychological Evaluation
• Wellness Strategies
• Healthy Coping Strategies
• Community Support Services
(services provided in your home
or local community)

Case Management

SOARR Staff provides assistance in gaining access to mental health, social, vocational, educational, housing, public income entitlements and other resources to assist participants in living happily within the community.  

In an emergency in which you or someone you know is suicidal, you should immediately call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, call 911, or go to a hospital emergency room. 


Improving your quality of life.

SOARR: Outpatient services and treatment supporting adults diagnosed with chronic mental illness and/or co-occurring psychiatric disabilities.
Improving your quality of life.

Wellness at NorthPointe

As health and wellness industry leaders, we are dedicated to engaging individuals in a culture of wellness in which each person has the support and opportunity to participate voluntarily in healthy lifestyles. Our goal is for all program participants and staff to embrace the benefits of integrating wellness into daily activities. Planning should never really cease, regardless of age or ability.


Connecting with the Community

SOARR understands the importance of building and utilizing natural support systems. We assist SOARR members in accessing community resources such as housing and support resources. In addition, the program members are also encouraged to “give back” to their communities through a variety of volunteer opportunities available at NorthPointe.

The “Moving On” Program

Transition coordinators work with each person to determine eligibility and support needed to live in the community. They develop a care plan to determine help and support before, during, and after the move. Coordinators also help locate eligible housing and assist with the move and costs.